It’s not enough just to have excellent teaching materials. Early Childhood Education faculty need creative and results-oriented strategies for use with their students. The Teacheread training is based on a curriculum that teaches essential literacy skills for use not only in the childcare workplace, but also in future educational pursuits. Additionally, adults learn how to be reading role models for children. All 29 lessons have been correlated with CASAS competencies as well as federal standards and guidelines.



Training Topics

  • Learn about the adult education, best practice research for the curriculum and instructional strategies
  • Experience the curriculum as both learners and instructors
  • Examine the use of formal and informal assessment tools to maximize instruction and student success
  • Learn how to contextualize instruction for the childcare workplace

Training Fee
$725 per person. Fee may be offset for individuals employed by certain agencies. Fees outside of North Carolina may vary.

For information about any training or arrange a training in your area, contact Ev Machtinger, National Training Coordinator.