Literacy Instruction for Everyone (Life)

This 6-hour training focuses on teaching literacy, problem-solving and life applications to students with developmental disabilities. The curriculum is theme-based, allowing students to use story as a way to think about issues related to their lives as workers, students and family members. The curriculum’s multi-style approach reaches students with various abilities and learning styles. CASAS Competencies have been linked to each of the 40 lessons found in the curriculum.


Training Topics

  • Learn how to use the Motheread instructional model and approach with adults with developmental disabilities
  • Take a new look at how to connect a simple book to a complex subject
  • Practice using a new approach and curriculum to teach literacy, problem-solving and life lessons

Training Fee
$375 per person. Fee may be offset for individuals employed by certain agencies. Fees outside of North Carolina may vary.

For information about any training or to arrange a training in your area, contact Ev Machtinger, National Training Coordinator.