Keeping It Real:
 Contextualized Instruction

“Why do I have to learn this?” “This doesn’t make sense!” “This is stupid!” Students struggling to learn often make comments like these. They find it difficult to connect with what is being taught and the way it is being taught. Research shows that contextual teaching enhances student motivation and skill gains. During this six-hour interactive training, participants will learn how to integrate contextual teaching with more traditional methods to enhance student motivation and skills gain.



Training Topics

  • Link student goals to skill mastery
  • Learn principles for effective adult learning
  • Use the elements of contextual teaching and learning to plan a lesson

Training Fee
$325 per person. Fee may be offset for individuals employed by certain agencies. Fees outside of North Carolina may vary.

For information about any training or to arrange a training in your area, contact Ev Machtinger, National Training Coordinator.