The 2-day F.a.t.h.e.r. (Fathers Acting to Heal, Educate and Reconnect) training is based on a parenting curriculum for use with incarcerated men. The lessons are designed to be used by a highly diverse group of inmate fathers-from young fathers to older fathers, expectant fathers to those who have grown children, those going home soon to those incarcerated for years, those with frequent contact with their children to those who rarely see their children.



Training Topics

  • Understanding children’s reactions to incarceration
  • Communicating from a distance
  • Understanding parent and child development
  • Building self-esteem

Training Fee
$525 per person. Fee may be offset for individuals employed by certain agencies. Fees outside of North Carolina may vary.

For information about any training or to arrange a training in your area, contact Ev Machtinger, National Training Coordinator.