National and State


Although founded in Raleigh, North Carolina, we have grown into a national training and curriculum development organization with a multi-state network.  Working through state humanities counsels, we have developed an affiliate partnership network in both the mainland United States and South Pacific territories. These affiliates coordinate programming, provide support, and develop local initiatives.  We also have state-level coordination in the state of  South Carolina. Additionally,  programming can be found in individual communities in 31 states.


State of North Carolina

At the state level, we help strengthen connections to literacy through training and technical assistance.  As with all of our efforts, we build on what we learn through trainings and site visits to improve our existing curricula and meet new needs.

We conduct trainings statewide with a variety of institutions and organizations to meet the needs of their audiences:

Community Colleges

Community in Schools

Early Head Start

Head Start


North Carolina Partnership with Children

Public Schools

Smart Start

Title 1

Our trainers instruct teachers in how to use the Motheread curriculum most appropriate to their students’ needs.   Whether its Story Exploring on the coast or My United States in the Triad, we provide not only the curriculum, but the research-based teaching strategies and approaches instructors need to provide effective instruction.   A single training can be limited to one organization or can accommodate individuals from a variety of agencies.

We also offer technical assistance and consulting to community colleges across the state through site visits.  Such visits help programs identify their strengths and needs.  Based on these assessments, we can offer targeted technical assistance and training to help colleges build capacity and strengthen partnerships that move students towards literacy, employment, and self-sufficiency.