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What People Are Saying About Motheread

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ESL Students

I am very content at the end of the Motheread program because my child learned to read with the books that you gave us, the ones with double writing in English and in Spanish on the same page. She is going to kindergarten next year and she can already read both languages in the first grade books. Her Pre-K teacher is very happy and her dad and me are very happy, too. We are thankful for the opportunity that I have of following better along in the books and learning to speak English as my second language and the support of the program with the care of the children in order to give us the opportunity to learn.

I learned that we can transport ourselves to imaginary places and I understand now that my child also has an imagination. I learned to take the role of the character talking in the book and to be playful when I read to my daughter. This program has helped me to understand that my daughter is growing up and that I must give her more independence so that she can build confidence in herself and resolve situations that are suitable to her age. I now know how to chat with her, listen to her, and observe her general development.

These classes have helped me know how to manage in this country that isn’t our country. Motheread gave me this opportunity to learn more than the English language. With the help of this program and other people you brought to our classes, we learned things about the behavior of our children and many more things about being good parents. Thanks for all and I will try to continue forward and never refusing this great and important help you offer to complete total learning of English for my personal mind. It is very, very important for me and my child. Thank you very much to the people that also took the time to help us. Thanks to all.


Participants  in  ABC’S for You and Me Read Aloud Workshops

I learned that every time we read a book, we can talk about the story to improve her comprehension.

I learned in this workshop that I need to be more patient with my child when we read a book.  I usually read the book very fast so I can get back to my housework.  Now I know that I need to spend more time with my child and read more slowly.

I learned that when I read a good book to my child, I can use the book to teach other things such as colors, animals and sizes. 

I am now going to take him to the library and let him pick out some books.

Early reading to my child amounts to his future success.  I learned that reading is the foundation to every subject in school.


Teenage Mothers

I learned that a child is so important and deserves at least 15 minutes in your day to read to him and love him.

In my class, I learned that changing your voice helps the baby be outgoing.  I found most helpful that even though your baby is small, he still enjoys my reading to him.


Incarcerated parents

Value!  Value is what makes gold, diamonds, treasures important to us.  As a society, we value these things because there is something about these objects that makes them precious.  It’s ironic that the object I valued in the past is also one of the reasons why I lost my worth, my “value” to my family and to those around me.  Coming to jail, my thoughts, my words and my actions are the only things I have of value right now.  The Motheread instructors have added value to me as a person.  I learned good parenting skills and activities I can share with my future kids.  The past fifteen weeks went by fast and during these times, you helped me realize how much power a pen and paper hold.  You helped me access long lost happy memories that I buried under years of resentment and pain. . . . I sincerely thank you for all the memories we shared, thank you for waking the reader in me . . .  I think my best way of showing how thankful I am is, once I get out of here, I’ll stay out there and I’ll start making a difference.

In my class, I’ve learned how to use children’s books to talk about issues with my children.  I’ve learned how to understand and remember what I read better.  My reading and writing skills have improved.

 In this class, I have gained patience with not just myself, but others as well.  I gained better listening skills and skills to be more appropriately expressive with others in my life.  The tone of voice matters a lot more than I think.


Pacific Rim Students

A young single mother of a 6-year old was a fragile reader and did not feel comfortable reading aloud in front of everyone  This parent joined our Motheread class because she wanted to be able to help her daughter with her homework.  By the third session, she started reading aloud and never missed a session out of the 8-week series.  Later, I found out from the VISTA worker that she decided to get her General Education Diploma (GED).  (Library setting)


Certified instructors

Of  all the programs out there, Motheread gives you the best bang for your buck because it is so complete and so flexible, and workable in so many different formatsIt is impossible to separate out Motheread’s effect because we have integrated the principles into our teaching style.  Motheread is more invigorating then other programs and it has more depth.  It is easy to deliver and imaginative.  (Family Literacy Center)

By the end of the semester, the majority of the students reported that they now read to their children every day.  Additionally, they felt they had learned how to read the books in a way that helps the child’s enjoyment of the book and holds their interest by changing their vocal inflections as they read.  (High School Parenting Class)                                                                          

 I have one mom who had trouble with her two year old’s behavior and she said that since she has been implementing the Story Extenders she has noticed a difference in his behavior and that she feels like he just needed her to spend more time with him.  Since then, the mom has grown as well.  She is slowly taking steps to be independent and we have built an amazing relationship which is helpful as we try to transition her to other programs once she is no longer in the shelter.  She also told me that she loves Motheread because no one is telling her how to raise her child but giving her tools to help her do things that work for her.  (Homeless shelter)



A mother reported that because of the Motheread classes she attended, she learned a lot about herself and building her self-esteem and self-respect.  One of the poems that they read in class spoke about a family that moved to another country and as the children began to learn the language of the new country the mom began to feel isolated and alone.  After participating in the program and especially after reading that poem, this mom decided she didn’t want that for herself.  Since the end of the Motheread program in June this mother has enrolled herself in ESL classes at the community college and is learning to speak English.  What a shining example of the importance of Motheread and the support we receive in our county.  When this mother learns to speak English she will be better able to communicate with her child’s teachers and administrators of the school.  This is a key component to parental involvement and school success.  (NC SmartStart/Local Partnership Administrator)