II-Keeping It Real At Work: Contextualized

Job-specific curricula websites:
Audience:  Low-Level Basic Skills and Compensatory Education

1.  Bridging the Employment Gap - Clerical
Developed by Simcoe/Muskika Literacy Network.

2.  Bridging the Employment Gap - Grounds Maintenance
Developed by Simcoe/Muskika Literacy Network.

3.  Bridging the Employment Gap - Janitorial
Developed by Simcoe/Muskika Literacy Network.

4.  Bridging the Employment Gap - Kitchen Help
Developed by Simcoe/Muskika Literacy Network.

5.  Bridging the Employment Gap - Retail
Developed by Simcoe/Muskika Literacy Network.

Audience:  HSE (High School Equivalency) and AHS (Adult High School) Students

6. Downloadable Transition Course for Prospective Childcare Providers
Developed by Motheread, Inc.

7.  GED Career Bridge to Hospitality

8.  Certified Nursing Assistance Prep Course.
Not available electronically.
Hard copies available during the training.
Developed by Wilkes Community College.

9. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Curriculum

10.  Multiple Industries curricula materials available.
Excellent PowerPoints!
Scroll down and click on specific PowerPoint.
Developed by the National Grid for Learning funded by the Welsh Assembly.

 Audience:  ESOL Students

11.  An ESOL toolkit for general construction, landscaping, painting, and plumbing.
 Or Google Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center and follow the above directions. Developed by the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

12.  An ESOL curriculum, Hotel Teach: Teaching English and Careers in Hospitality.
Designed for Level 4 & 5
Developed by LaGuardia Community College Continuing Education.

13.  Steps to Employment in Ontario. 
Organized by 19 sectors. Instructor Guides on construction, electrical trades, home health care, sales, computer, food service, and industrial trades.
Developed by LCRT Consulting and funded by Ontario Administration of Settlement and
Integration Services (OASIS).

14.  Workplace Health and Safety ESOL Curriculum. 
Designed for Low-Intermediate to  Intermediate ESOL level.
Developed by Massachusetts Worker Education Roundtable.

15.  English in the Work Place for School Custodians. Manual and Curriculum Guide
Hardcopy is available at the training.

Audience:  All Students (ESOL, pre-GED, GED, and AHS students)

16.  Adult Career Pathways website has merged with LINCS Literacy Information and Communication System. 
Excellent website.  You can access over 130 job specific curricula designed for Basic
Skills students.  Can sort by title of curriculum, subject area, or skill area.  Ask instructor to access the variety of curricula.