NEW RESEARCH From Colorado!
See the first edition of the Motheread/Fatheread Colorado Quarterly Newsletter  and read the results of the Colorado Humanities Motheread/Fatheread Study conducted in 2013-2017. The Corporation for National and Community Service has posted a Research Brief showing that the study found a statistically significant changes in parental behaviors and preschool children’s language growth. Information about the full study as published in the peer-reviewed journal, Early Education and Development, is also found here. 
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Guam Humanities celebrates 25th anniversary

One of MotherRead’s partners, The Guam Humanities Council, recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Like MotherRead, The Guam Humanities Council is committed to reaching and teaching economically disadvantaged families, incarcerated adults, and immigrant families through the power of story and multi-cultural children’s literature. Check out this video about the impact the Guam Humanities Council has had on the people and in the communities on the island of Guam and around the world.


Motheread receives $40,000 GSK IMPACT Award for building a healthier Research Triangle

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) today announced that Motheread is one of nine Research Triangle winners of a 2014 GSK IMPACT Award. Motheread will receive $40,000  in recognition of its exceptional achievement in contributing to a healthier Research Triangle region. GSK announced the winners in a ceremony at its RTP Campus.
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Motheread on State Government Radio

Carolyn Dickens, Motheread President, was recently interviewed by Barlow Herget on State Government Radio Today. Click on the link below to hear the interview and learn more about our work.


Motheread featured in the Mooresville (NC) Tribune

The Mooresville Recreation Department’s summer Motheread program was featured in the Mooresville Tribune newspaper.  Marnie Reber, director of Family Support Services for the Iredell County Partnership for Young Children explained the goal of the program, “Parents will be able to build their child’s reading skills while interacting with other parents and children for socialization.”  Click on the link below to read the article.


Literacy Invites and Nurtures Kids’ Success (L.I.N.K.S.) Wake County Project Assessment
This  report  presents  results  of  an  assessment,   conducted  in  seven  child  care  centers  located  in  Wake   County  that  explored  teachers’  classroom  practices   following  specialized  LINKS  training  using  the   Motheread  approach.  The  training  highlighted   effective  use  of  pedagogical  practices  known  to   enhance  students’  literacy  development  and  increased   engagement  with  books. The  assessment  focused  on   teachers’  consistency  and  program  fidelity  in  using   sustained  practices  reflective  of  their  training.  Results   revealed  increased  effectiveness  among  teachers’   application  of  classroom  practices  supportive  of   student  learning  and  literacy  development.  Teachers   were  knowledgeable  about  the  approach  and   comfortable  using  the  methods  learned.  Moreover,  the   learning  environment  for  students’  reading  and   meaningful  engagement  with  books  increased,  with   modest  assistance  still  merited  in  teachers’  design  of   learning  spaces  for  reading  engagement  and  system   support  from  center  directors  for  their  efforts.

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Wake County L.I.N.K.S. Report.


Motheread Helping to Sound the Alarm: WAKE Up and Read

Motheread president, Carolyn Dickens, has been asked to participate in the WAKE Up and Read campaign, an initiative launched to improve early childhood literacy in Wake County, North Carolina.  Dickens joins leaders from the Wake County Public School System Office of Early Learning, Wake County Smart Start, libraries, pediatricians, faith-based organizations, the business community, civic groups, and fellow non-profits.  Dickens serves on two action teams.  First, while serving on the Resource Coordination Team, she helps to provide books and related academic material to low-income families and children.  She also serves on the Parent Awareness and Education Action Team.  Recognizing the importance of parent education in meeting the literacy needs of children, Dickens says, “Parents are their children’s first and most important teacher.  Motheread has always taught parents how to help their children develop early literacy skills and a love of reading in a way that is nurturing and even fun.”


National Office Looking Up and Out: Race to the Top

In December of 2011, North Carolina was awarded one of nine Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge grants from the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  From January 2012 to December 2015, seventy million dollars will provide funding for a number of projects designed to improve learning and development for young children, including an innovative strategy called the Early Childhood Transformation Zone.  Motheread will be working to help families support early language and literacy in the Transformation Zone which includes Beaufort, Bertie, Chowan, and Hyde counties.  Motheread trainers will be traveling to the Zone to provide Motheread/Fatheread, Story Exploring and B.A.B.Y. trainings as needed.