Wake County Early Childhood Teachers and Parents

Motheread, Inc. has worked with childcare facilities since 1996 to ensure Wake County children, birth to five, are successful in school and in life. We do this by training and supporting childcare teachers to improve the quality of early childhood education and settings, and by working with adults to improve family literacy activities and communication.

Working with Childcare Teachers

As part of the Literacy Invites and Nurtures Kids’ Success (LINKS) initiative, childcare teachers enhance their own literacy skills and learn effective teaching strategies to use in their classrooms as well as how to involve parents in literacy activities at home. Teachers participate in a Story Exploring training as well as receive follow-up mentoring visits. Included in the project, teachers receive a two-volume Story Exploring curriculum and Story Extenders for parents.  In some locations teachers also receive a set of curriculum-linked picture books for the classroom and other materials to enhance their literacy practice and classroom environment. Using this multi-faceted approach, the early childhood educators show significant improvement in their read-aloud strategies and literacy development activities.

Working with Parents

Using the Motheread/Fatheread curriculum, we’ve taught parents of all aged children in a variety of settings. These parents build their own literacy skills and learn the importance of reading aloud and other strategies to help their children achieve success in school. Parent surveys show that a majority of participating parents increase the frequency of literacy activities with their children, an essential practice in developing children’s literacy skills.