Parent Workshops

Motheread, Inc. provides a series of workshops for parents entitled, ABC’s for You and Me: Activities, Books, Connections. These workshops empower parents by: helping them understand the importance of reading to their children; teaching them specific skills to use in their homes; helping them practice these skills in a supportive environment; and allowing them to share their successes with other parents. The workshop topics include Reading Aloud, Choosing Books. Playing With Print, Music and Rhymes, Using Props With Read Aloud, and Nursery Rhymes and Finger Plays.

We are also helping parents build home libraries of books and story-telling props as well as introducing them to the often intimidating “school language” they will encounter as their children are screened, enter and progress through kindergarten. Each workshop is tailored to the needs and interests of the partnering organization’s parent base including the total number of sessions at each site. Workshops are available in English or Spanish.