Story Exploring

The Story Exploring curriculum, designed for use with children from birth through age 11, uses more than 100 multicultural children’s books to build reading and critical thinking skills.  This curriculum uses targeted reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities to foster problem solving, increase comprehension, and nurture a love of books.

Story Exploring provides teachers, parents and caregivers with strategies to increase children’s reading comprehension, vocabulary and translation of spoken language to the written word. The curriculum is comprised of handbooks for four separate reading levels: infants and toddlers, older preschoolers, children in grades K-2, and students in grades 3-5.  The lessons help adults ask open-ended questions and invite children to respond. Children learn vocabulary and how to interpret stories. The curriculum uses props, games, songs, and other activities to make reading fun. Accompanying each Story Exploring lesson is a take-home Story Extender that caregivers can provide to parents. Story Extenders are available in Spanish. This curriculum is available through the Story Exploring Training.