My United States

My United States incorporates civics instruction into a Basic Skills course, improving literacy skills while teaching information required to pass the US citizenship test.  This curriculum is designed for ESL, GED, or High School Diploma students.

The goal of this 12-lesson curriculum is to teach civics, history, and government as part of a literacy development course. My United States enhances students’ knowledge and skills so that they can be more productive members of their families and communities. Each lesson is based on a carefully chosen children’s book and also includes key vocabulary words and study guide questions. The lessons include historical events such as The Revolutionary War, World Wars I & II, and recent American history. Civics and governmental topics include the role of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, federal and state governments, local governments and services, and the naturalization process. CASAS Competencies have been linked to each lesson. This curriculum is available only as part of the My United States training.