The Motheread/Fatheread curriculum uses children’s books, and adult poems and narratives to teach literacy skills to adults, with an emphasis on developing skills in all four areas of literacy:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Additionally, the lessons help parents understand the importance of reading regularly to their children.  Parents not only learn the “why” of reading with their children, but also the “how.”  This nationally recognized instructional model and curriculum addresses a variety of teaching approaches and learning styles, combining individual assignments with small group work, lectures, and discussion.

Helping students develop skills in the context of their family lives, each lesson in this 29-lesson curriculum includes a variety of ways to develop literacy skills. Learners are encouraged to make connections between stories and their own experiences. They also learn ways to share stories and themes with their children. Included in the curriculum is a supplement that specifically helps parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.  Additionally, students explore writing and analyze a variety of adult texts. For classes where adult literacy gains are measured, CASAS Competencies have been linked to each lesson. This curriculum is available only as part of The Motheread/Fatheread Institute.