Students with Developmental Disabilities

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” Oh yes they can. And so can the thinking behind them. Often these negative attitudes severely limit the educational opportunities provided to adults who have developmental disabilities. In response to this reality, Motheread has created Life (Literacy Instruction for Everyone). This specialized curriculum and approach offers new ways to teach literacy skills, problem solving and life lessons to these adults.

In order to implement programming for this population, staff need to attend a 6-hour interactive Life training that combines individual assignments, small group work, lecture, and discussion.

Training participants will 

  • Examine the importance of narrative and using story as a way to teach
  • Experience the curriculum as both learner and instructor
  • Learn about the research that supports the curriculum
  • Practice specific strategies and techniques to build literacy skills and apply life lessons





Click here to download the Students with Developmental Disabilities (Working with Students who have Developmental Disabilities) PDF file.