Students Preparing for Work

With jobs being outsourced, professions disappearing, and technological demands increasing, many adults are wondering what they can do to prepare themselves for employment and postsecondary education. Motheread has created a curriculum that offers a contextualized approach for teaching and reinforcing work-skills as well as ways to help students evaluate their strengths and transfer them to the workplace.

In order to implement programming, staff need to attend a 6-hour, interactive Keeping It Real at Work: Contextualized Instruction training where participants learn how use the CASAS-correlated curriculum as well as other resources to teach and reinforce necessary work skills and content.

Training participants will

  • Explore the importance of and methods for contextualizing ABE instruction for the work place
  • Examine workforce development options to prepare basic skills and ESL students for the workforce
  • Learn about current vocational/ABE trends around work such as career pathways, bridge programs, and transitioning
  • Discover online work-related resources and curricula designed for basic skills instruction and determine relevance for classroom and/or basic skills programs




Click here to download the Students Preparing for Work (Keeping It Real At Work) PDF file.