GED and Adult High School Students

It’s hard to make history and civics relevant and interesting to many students. Motheread has developed a compelling approach to meet this need. The My United States curriculum helps students develop a personal perspective and context for learning about history, government, and community life. All 12 lessons are correlated to CASAS competencies.

In order to provide classes, staff need to attend a 2-day interactive My United States training that combines individual assignments, small group work, lecture, and discussion.

Training participants learn 

  • How to integrate civics education into Basic Skills curriculum
  • How to motivate students to learn information required to pass the GED and Adult High School Diploma requirements
  • How to connect simple books to complex subjects
  • How to use related resource and support materials




Click here to download the GED and Adult High School Students (Working with GED and Adult High School Students) PDF file.