Incorporating literacy development activities in the home, such as reading aloud and talking with children, is one of the most important jobs parents have.  Establishing a literacy-rich environment early helps assure that children are later successful in school and in life.  Oftentimes, parents don’t know this information.  Motheread/Fatheread classes provide parents with the skills and encouragement to become their child’s first and most important teacher.  Using curriculum based on multicultural children’s books, these classes help parents support the age-appropriate, literacy skill development of their infants, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged-children while improving their own listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.  Additionally, parents will use the child and family development themes within the lessons to explore and resolve common parenting issues.

In order to implement programming for parents, staff need to attend the Motheread/Fatheread Institute.  The 20-hour Motheread/Fatheread Institute gives staff who serve parents the tools and materials needed to help their students develop skills in the context of their family lives.  Participants completing the Motheread/Fatheread Institute requirements will be awarded 2.0 CEUs from North Carolina State University.

Training participants will:

  • learn how to explore a range of subjects in age-appropriate ways during  interactive literacy sessions;
  •  learn how to use story as a way to teach;
  •  receive information on best practice research for the curriculum and facilitation strategies;
  •  experience  the curriculum as both learners and instructors; and
  •  learn how to contextualize instruction


Click here to download the Parents (Working with Parents) PDF file.

Click here to download the Families (Working with Families) PDF file.