Expectant and New Parents

New and expectant parents have lots of worries. In addition to the demands of caring for a baby, these parents have needs of their own. The fear and emotional isolation they often face present challenges for health and parenting programs. The B.A.B.Y. (Birth and Beginning Years) curriculum combines information and support for new parents as individuals, as caregivers, and as their children’s first teachers.

Using multi-cultural children’s literature, the 21 lessons found in B.A.B.Y. follow a developmental approach from conception through the first year of an infant’s life. Three instructional supplements are included. The first focuses on empowering women to take control of their lives so they can eventually overcome the destructive behaviors related to drug use and abuse. The second is designed to provide additional teaching strategies to meet the learning styles of teenaged and very young parents. The third focuses on developing emergent literacy skills with infants, creepers, and toddlers. B.A.B.Y. also includes a mother’s workbook and a list of recommended books for reading to infants and toddlers.

In order to provide classes, staff need to attend a two-day interactive B.A.B.Y. training that combines individual assignments, small group work, lecture and discussion.

Training participants will 

  • Learn about the adult education, best practice research for the curriculum and instructional strategies
  • Learn how to address child and family needs during the first year
  • Practice specific strategies and techniques to build emergent literacy skills of infants and toddlers
  • Explore methods for incorporating parental concerns into instructional practice





Click here to download the Expectant and New Parents (Working with Expectant and New Parents) PDF file.