Children: Birth to 5th Grade

It’s hard to do something when you don’t do it well. It’s even harder if you don’t like it. For millions of children, developing reading skills is just that. Often the best efforts of their parents and teachers are not enough. However, for more than a decade, the movement to strengthen children’s literacy has been growing. As part of this effort, Motheread, Inc., with the help of literacy experts, developed the Story Exploring® curriculum based on multicultural children’s books.

For Teachers 

Story Exploring reflects the findings of current research and federal guidelines for early childhood and elementary school reading instruction.

Book 1, designed for use with infants and toddlers, encourages the youngest learners to enjoy simple board books. It provides teachers with activities that promote story enjoyment and build emergent literacy skills.

Book 2, designed for use with preschoolers, helps teachers read strategically to children in ways that will enhance comprehension, build vocabulary and help translate spoken language to the written word. Within each lesson, specific activities promote phonological and print awareness.

Book 3, designed for use with grades K – 2, focuses on moving children from phonological awareness to alphabetic awareness by helping them link the sound of oral language to specific letters and words. Teachers are provided with activities that encourage children to be actively involved in creating poetry, songs and stories.

Book 4, designed for use with grades 3 – 5, encourages children to develop independent writing skills through activities that focus on journaling and writing for different audiences. Each lesson includes opportunities to analyze and explore the story further.

For Parents 

Story Extenders® accompany each lesson as a take-home companion piece to Story Exploring. The Extenders are designed to support learning in the home environment. They provide specific activities that foster creative thinking and problem solving, and promote conversations between parents and their children.


The Story Exploring training provides an innovative, research-based instructional approach and a 4-volume curriculum for children from birth through elementary school.  A Story Exploring Training for only preschool teachers is also available.

  • Learn to encourage a positive attitude and motivate children about reading
  • Examine story as a way to teach and the importance of narrative
  • Learn about the research that supports the Story Exploring curriculum
  • Practice specific strategies and techniques to build literacy skills through the read-aloud experience
  • Explore ways to use the transfer-to-home activities provided by the Story Extenders







Click here to download the Children: Birth to 5th Grade (Working With Children) PDF file.