Basic Skills Students

Student motivation and retention present big challenges in Basic Skills classrooms. Since 1987, Motheread, Inc. has been partnering with programs to address these issues with a combination of innovative curriculum and highly effective training. Using adult narratives and children’s literature, the Motheread/Fatheread curriculum teaches essential literacy skills utilizing real-life adult contexts and roles. Adults also learn how to be reading role models for children. All 29 lessons have been correlated with CASAS competencies as well as federal standards and guidelines.

The average CASAS increase for students in these classes is 1.47 grade level equivalent.

It’s not enough just to have excellent teaching materials. Instructors need creative and results-oriented strategies for teaching. The interactive 20-hour Motheread/Fatheread Institute provides the opportunity for instructors to learn how to use the research-based curriculum and methods in their programs.

Participants completing Institute requirements will be awarded 2.0  CEUs from North Carolina State University.

Training participants will 

  • Learn about the adult education, best practice research for the curriculum and instructional strategies
  • Experience the curriculum as both learners and instructors
  • Examine the use of formal and informal assessment tools to maximize instruction and student success
  • Learn how to contextualize instruction



Click here to download the Basic Skills Students (Working with Basic Skills Students) PDF file.